Industry + Innovation


PathoGenoMics INNOVATION aims at informing the Innovation partners (Tech. Transfer officers, Scientists, Industrials, Clinicians, ….) on related events and at creating the possibility for discussion and interaction by organising fora, meetings and courses.

This site provides information on “Pathogenomics” and Innovation related issues such as:

  • Industry database: SME’s and industries related to infectious diseases in the 10 countries active in the ERA-NET.
  • Transfer opportunities: Opportunities from Tech. Transfer sites related to infectious diseases.
  • Events: Courses and meetings related to R&D, fundamental research, technology and Tech. Transfer fields.
  • Innovation News: highlights special events or publications related to Innovation in Infectious Diseases.
  • Publications: ERA-NET publications related to Innovation.
  • PIP meetings: Information and follow-up of the meetings of the Pathogenomic Innovation Partners.
  • Usefull links: Links to related Bioclusters, EC initiatives, Genome accession sites, Innovation sites, Tech. Transfer sites and National Biotech Organisations.

Pathogenomics is a trans-European cooperation and coordination of genome sequencing and functional genomics of human-pathogenic microorganisms

A Coordination Action (CA) supported by the European Commission with the aims to strengthen the European scientific base and to support the structuring of the European Research Area (ERA)