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A call for applications:
ERA-NET PathoGenoMics “Science to Society” Award


To encourage scientists to make science more approachable to the public, ERA-NET PathoGenoMics announces a Call for Applications for grants on Science to Society (STS) issues related to Pathogenomics.

The purpose of this grant is to support science to society initiatives which portray genome research on disease-causing bacteria and fungi (pathogenomics) in lay terms and provide the public with knowledge of the accomplishments of pathogenomics research and the goals yet to be reached.


Scientists, clinicians and science teachers (in collaboration with scientists) from ERA-NET PathoGenoMics partner countries (as specified in ERA-NET PathoGenoMics website), involved in pathogenomics research or teaching may apply for this grant.


Applications will be made using the STS grant application forms on the ERA-NET PathoGenoMics website. Application forms should be sent to ERA-PathoGenoMics secretariat. There is no definite deadline for submission.

Review and Grants:

Eligible applications will be reviewed by the ERA-PathoGenoMics team. Up to two applications will be funded per year. The amount of each grant will be up to 2000 Euros.


A final report (not exceeding 3 pages) will be submitted by the grantees to ERA-PathoGenoMics secretariat six months after receiving the grant. The report should include a description of activity, the impact on the public (including an estimate of the number of people approached), dates and location(s) of activity (if relevant). A detailed financial report should also be submitted. The reports will be published on the Science to Society section on the ERA-PathoGenoMics website.

Application Form

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