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PathoGenoMics PhD Award 2011

1. PathoGenoMics PhD Award

The nine European PathoGenoMics partner countries will issue the sixth PhD Award to recognize up to three of the most remarkable and outstanding PhD theses in the field of genome research on human-pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria and fungi). The PhD theses should have been finished in the year 2010 in the ERA-NET PathoGenoMics partner countries. The deadline for proposal submission is the 28th February 2011.

(Deadline for submission to any of the Hungarian national contacts: Jan.20th 2011)

The PathoGenoMics PhD Award is endowed with 2000 € for each winner and will be presented to the winners at the 4th Congress of European Microbiologists, FEMS 2011, Geneva, Switzerland, June 26-30 2011 where the awardees will have the opportunity to present their work.

The awards and any costs related to the award (e.g. costs for travel and subsistence of the award winners) will be covered by the ERA-NET PathoGenoMics.

2. Aim of the call

ERA-NET PathoGenoMics (The Trans-European Cooperation and Coordination of Genome Sequencing and Functional Genomics of Human-pathogenic Micro-organisms) has been set up to establish sustained co-operation between national funding bodies and to co-ordinate their genome-based research programmes on human-pathogenic microorganisms.

The participating ERA-NET PathoGenoMics partner countries/ funding institutions are:

  • Austria, Federal Ministry for Science and Research (BMWF) and The Austrian Science Fund (FWF)
  • Finland, Academy of Finland (AKA)
  • France, Institut Pasteur (IP), Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche (MESR) and The National Agency for Research (ANR)
  • Germany, Federal Ministry of Education and Resarch (BMBF) and Project Management Juelich (PtJ)
  • Hungary, Hungarian Academy of Science (HAS) and Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA)
  • Israel, The Chief Scientist Office Israeli, Ministry of Health (CSO-MOH)
  • Portugal, The Science and Technology Foundation (FCT)
  • Slovenia, Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MHEST)
  • Spain, Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN)


The PhD Award will emphasize the importance of pathogenomics and will contribute to integrate the PathoGenoMic scientific community. The award will be issued annually by the ERA-NET PathoGenoMics.

3. Application

Research group leaders from the ERA-NET partner countries may submit a proposal for a candidate of the PhD Award. The proposal should contain the following documents (in English):

  • letter of recommendation of the proposed PhD thesis and candidate written and signed by the submitting group leader
  • 2 advisory opinions written and signed by other professors/group leaders
  • CV of the candidate
  • short summary of the PhD thesis (max. 1 page)
  • copy of the PhD thesis, finished in 2010 (including at least the summary in English)
  • publication record of the nominee related to the PhD thesis
  • contact information (e-mail and postal address)


The proposal can be submitted electronically (mail or CD) to the respective national funding organisation (see the national contacts below).

The price will be awarded only to the most outstanding and promising young scientists in the field of pathogenomics.

4. Evaluation

Each national funding organisation chooses among all applications of the respective country the two most outstanding ones and submits them at the PathoGenoMics secretariat.

Evaluation of the submitted proposals will be carried out by an Award Evaluation Board (AEB), which consists of high-level scientists from the pathogenomics field.

All proposals will be evaluated by three evaluators. The proposals coming from a given country will not be evaluated by the AEB member from this country.

The proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • theoretical approach and scientific quality
  • scientific impact for the area
  • number and quality of publications
  • other merits


Based on the evaluation, the three highest ranked proposals will receive the award.

5. Management

The PathoGenoMics secretariat together with the national funding agencies will be responsible for practical issues related to the award.

Each national funding agency of the ERA-NET PathoGenoMics will appoint one leading scientist as a member to the Award Evaluation Board (AEB), responsible for the evaluation of the proposals.

6. Award Presentation

The PathoGenoMics PhD Awards will be presented presumably at the 4th Congress of European Microbiologists, FEMS 2011, Geneva, Switzerland, June 26-30 2011.

The award recipients will be asked to give a short presentation of their PhD work.

7. Schedule of the PhD Award call

October 2010   Announcement of the call
October 2010 - Feb 2011   Submission of proposals
28. Feb 2011   Deadline for proposal submission
March - April 2011   Evaluation and information about the evaluation results
26. June – 30. June 2011   Award Presentation Ceremony:
4th Congress of European Microbiologists, FEMS 2011, Geneva, Switzerland, June 26-30 2011

8. National Contacts for submission of proposals and further information

Country Contact Person Phone Email
Austria Nicole Firnberg +43-(0)-5 77 55-5054
Finland Soile Juuti +358 40 5651529
France Serawit Bruck +33 1 73 54 81 70
Jenifer Clark    
Germany Marion Karrasch +49-2461-61 6245
Bülent Genç +49-2461-61 5265
Israel Irit Allon +972-2-568 1209
Benny Leshem
Spain Bibian García +34 91 603 8385
Hungary Béla Nagy +36-1-2522455
Levente Emõdy 06-72- 536 000
Portugal Catarina Resende +351-21-392 4456
Anabela Isidro +351-21-392 4456
Slovenia Marta Sabec +386 1 47847 39


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