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Date Meeting Place
January 23-24, 2012 Joint Status Seminar 2012 of the ERA-NET PathoGenoMics for the projects funded by the 2nd and 3rd calls Canary Islands, Spain
23-24.10.2011 17th NSC/19th EB Meeting Jerusalem, Israel
04.07.2011 ERA-NET PathoGenoMics
Workshop: Future of PathoGenoMics
Lisbon, Portugal
28.-30.03.2011 16th NSC/18th EB Meeting, Kick off Meeting 3rd Call projects, Status Seminar 2nd Call projects Vienna, Austria
22.-23.09.2010 15th NSC / 17th EB and 3rd Call Full Proposal Evaluation Meeting Brussels, Belgium
22.-24.04.2010 Pathogenomics Conference 2010 Pécs, Hungary
18.-19.01.2010 Joint Annual Seminar 2010 on the Projects of the 1st and 2nd calls of the ERA-NET PathoGenoMics and 14th NSC / 16th EB Meeting Costa Adeje, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
10.-11.09.2009 13th NSC / 15th EB Meeting Ljubljana
11.-13.05.2009 12th NSC / 14th EB Meeting, Kick off Meeting 2nd Call, Status Seminar 1st Call Villa Vigoni, Menaggio
26.01.2009 11th NSC / 13th EB Meeting Tenerife
24.-25.09.2008 10th NSC / 12th EB Full Proposal Evaluation Meeting Portugal
07.04.2008 1st Status Seminar Paris
26.-27.03.2008 9th NSC / 11th EB Meeting Jerusalem
21.01.2008 Partnering Workshop Barcelona
17.-18.09.2007 8th NSC / 10th EB Meeting Budapest
03.09.2007 TTF Meeting Düsseldorf
21.05.2007 TTF Meeting Paris
13. - 14.03.2007 1st Joint Call, Kick-off Meeting Funded Projects Cologne
12. - 13.03.2007 7th NSC / 9th EB Meeting Cologne
23.01.2007 Extraordinary WP9 Meeting Vienna
24.10.2006 6th NSC / 8th EB Meeting Vienna
23.10.2006 CSC / TTF Meeting Vienna
18. - 19.09.2006 1st Joint Call, 2nd Evaluation Meeting Lisbon
04. - 07.07.2006 2nd FEMS Meeting, PathGenoMics PhD Award presentation Madrid
29. - 30.05.2006 1st Joint Call, 1st Evaluation Meeting Madrid
26. - 27.04.2006 5th NSC and 7th EB Meeting Bled
01.02.2006 Partnering Workshop (WP 5) Schloss Hohenkammer
(near Munich)

4th NSC and 6th EB Meeting

26.-27.09.2005 Workshop on Common Understanding (WP 7), 3rd NSC and 5th EB Meeting, Meeting on Research Agenda (WP 3), 1st PIP Meeting (WP 4) Helsinki

Call text discussion

27.-28.06.2005 Working Group on Training Issues (WP 6), 4th EB Meeting Vienna

Meeting on European Research Agenda in Pathogenomics (WP 3)


Policy-maker Workshop (incl. 2nd NSC and 3rd EB Meeting),
Kick-Off Strategy Meeting (WP 3)

20.01.2005 2nd EB Meeting Bonn
13.-15.10.2004 Constituent Assembly Berlin
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