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External Advisory Board Member Hungary

Prof. Dr. Béla Nagy

Veterinary Medical Research
Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Hungaria krt. 21
H-1143, Budapest



Born: 1941, Debrecen, Hungary
1978 PhD (Vet. Medicine, Microbiology) Budapest
1993 D.Sc. (Veterinary Sciences), Budapest
1998 Corr. Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2004 Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1992 Habilitation Medical Microbiology, Medical School Hannover
1965-1967 Fellow veterinarian - State Farm and Diagnostic Inst.(Monor, Miskolc)
1968-1971 Research fellow - University of Veterinary. Medicine, Budapest
1971-1979 Director, Veterinary Diagnostic Institute, Szombathely
Vice director, Chief Researcher, Central Veterinary Institute, Budapest
1989-1991 Chief Researcher University of Veterinary Medicine, Budapest
1991 Veterinary Medical research Institute of the Hungrian Academy of Sciences
Vice Director (1991-94), Director (1994-2000), Research Professor (2000 -)
Head of Research Unit: Enteric Bacteriology and Foodborn Zoonoses
Areas of Research Interest
Enteric infections of animals, with special aspect to foodborn zoonoses:
E. coli (EHEC, VTEC, ETEC)-, and Salmonella infections and their pathogenesis.
Development of preventive and diagnostic tools and epidemiology programs.
Genetics of virulence attributes, antimicrobial resistance, their expression and lateral transfers.
Special interest on bacterial adhesion, colonization, host response, and antimicrobial resistance


(Papers) in internationally recognized journals

167 (total IF: 90,68)
Independent Citations: >1387 (90% in SCI journals)
Listed at:


Hungarian Patents:

Rotavirus and E. coli combined vaccine against calf diarrhoea (1980)
E. coli live oral vaccine strain against post weaning diarrhoea of pigs (1999)

US Patent:

E.coli strain for an oral vaccine against post weaning diarrhoea in pigs (US 7,163,820 B1)

Recent Participation in EU Research Projects

INRA(Fr) / Hung.Acad.Sci:

Molecular epidemiology of O157 E. coli in Hungary and France (2007-2009)

EUFP6 - NoE:

European Virtual Institute for Functional Genomics (2005-2010)


MedVetNet – Network for the Prevention and Control of Zoonoses (2004-2009)

-FP6 ERA-CT REANET-PathoGenoMics: :

Trans European Cooperation and coordination of genome sequencing and functional genomics of pathogenic microorganisms (2004-2012): NSC meber (representing Hungarian Academy of Sciences and OTKA)

EU FP6 –FOOD1 505523:

Salmonella free broilers by live vaccine induced innate resistance . (2004-2008)

Merits, honorary functions

University private professor (1996) at the Szent-István University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Board Member of Hungarian Society for Microbiology(1979 - )
Member Editorial Boards: Acta Veterinaria Hungarica, Veterinary Medicine-Cz, Slovenian Veterinary Research
Leadership in Scientific Committees of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences:
  • Head Veterinary Committee of Hung.Acad.Sci (2008-
  • Head, Zoonosis Subcommittee of the Veterinary Committee of HungAcad.Sci (1992-
  • Head, Agricultural Section of Bolyai Stipend Committee of the Hung. Acad. Sci. (2006



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