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Application Procedure 3rd joint Call

In the frame of the ERA-NET PathoGenoMics third joint call research proposals may be submitted by higher education institutions, non-university public research establishments and commercial companies, in particular small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs), or by scientists according to relevant national regulations.
The research projects to be funded must have research groups from a minimum of three countries participating in the call (Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain).

1. Partnering Tool

A web-based Partnering Tool has been implemented in the PathoGenoMics website in order to facilitate the exchange of research ideas and the effective planning of collaborative projects, as well as to foster the assembly of eligible consortia and the integration of partners who have not been involved in multilateral consortia so far. All potential project partners are invited to register in this electronic tool. Registration will allow to submit short abstracts „Expression of Interest“ (EoI). Submitted EoIs can be viewed without registration.

2. Proposal management

The contact for information and application is given for each country. The whole application and evaluation procedure is handled by the PathoGenoMics secretariat. However, all financial issues are handled by the respective national programme managers, which are listed under “contact” for each country.
It is recommended to contact the responsible national funding institution before submitting the project proposals.

3. Submission of project full proposals

Coordinators of Pre-proposals that have been positively evaluated will be invited to submit a Full proposal. Full proposals are to be submitted electronically to the PathoGenoMics Secretariat by 8th July 2010. The following forms have to be completed in English:

Form 1 “Basic project data
Form 2 “Detailed project information
Form 3 “Financial plan

Full proposals are to be submitted electronically by email to the PathoGenoMics Secretariat:

The project Pre-proposal is submitted by the coordinator of the project. The cut-off deadline for submitting the Full proposals is 8th July 2010.

4. Selection and decision-making procedure

The selection and decision-making procedure on the submitted Full proposals will take place as described in detail in the announcement.

5. Requirements for granting

Before funding is awarded a cooperation agreement appropriate to the aims of the PathoGenoMics initiative and of the specific project has to be concluded between all project partners. More detailed information is given in the announcement.

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