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Announcement of the third multilateral call for research
projects within the European ERA-NET PathoGenoMics

“Transnational pathogenomics: Prevention, diagnosis, treatment
and monitoring of infectious diseases in humans”

The purpose of the call is to generate joint European research and development activities. Joint projects, with a maximum of 6 participants from a minimum of 3 ERA-NET PARTNER countries, must include participants from both academia and clinics or industry. A proportion of the funding will be reserved to support projects headed by young scientists. Funding will be granted for a maximum of three years. Submission of proposals will be in two steps: The deadline for submitting pre-proposals was 15 March 2010, and full proposals must be submitted by 8th July 2010. Projects are expected to start at the beginning of 2011.

The following PathoGenoMics PARTNER organisations will participate in the call:

  • the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), Austria
  • the National Agency for Research (ANR), France
  • the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Germany
  • the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA) and the Hungarian Academy of Science (HAS), Hungary
  • the Chief Scientist Office, Ministry of Health (CSO-MOH), Israel
  • the Science and Technology Foundation (FCT), Portugal
  • the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MHEST), Slovenia
  • the Ministry of Education and Science (MICINN), Spain


1. Research Marketplace

A Research Marketplace will be implemented in the PathoGenoMics website in order to facilitate the exchange of research ideas and the effective planning of collaborative projects, as well as to foster the assembly of eligible consortia and the integration of partners who have not been involved in multilateral consortia so far. All potential project partners are invited to register in this electronic tool and submit an EoI (Expression of Interest). Registration will allow them to submit short abstracts and make contributions to the “offers” and “wanted” section.

2. Submission of project Pre-Proposals: please visit your respective national web page:

  Publication Date Link to national page
Austria 21 Dec 2009 Please click here
France   Please click here
Germany 12.01.2010 Please click here
Hungary 17 Dec 2009 Please click here
Israel 30 Dec 2009 Please click here
Portugal 18 Dec 2009 Please click here
Slovenia 10.03.2010 Please click here
Spain 05 Jan 2010 Please click here


Application forms and a financial plan form are to be used for drafting project proposals. All forms are to be completed in English.

Form 1 “Basic project data
Form 2 “Detailed project information
Form 3 “Financial plan

3. Proposal management

The contact for information and application is given for each country. The whole application and evaluation procedure is handled by the PathoGenoMics secretariat. However, all financial issues are handled by the respective national programme managers, which are listed under “contact” for each country.
It is recommended to contact the responsible national funding institution before submitting the project proposals.

Project proposals are to be submitted by the coordinator of the project by email to the PathoGenoMics Secretariat to the following address:


PathoGenoMics Secretariat:

Dr. Marion Karrasch
Phone: (+49 (0)2461 61 6245)

Dr. Bülent Genc
Phone: (+49 (0)2461 61 5265),

The cut-off deadline for submitting the full proposals is 8th July 2010.


4. Submission of Full Proposals:

Applicants will be informed by 27 April 2010 whether they are invited to send the corresponding full proposals.

Full proposals are to be submitted by email to the PathoGenoMics Secretariat ( by 8th July 2010 by means of the application forms (available at given time at

5. Selection and decision-making procedure

The selection and decision-making procedure on the submitted Full Proposals will take place as described in the announcement.

6. Requirements for granting

Before funding is awarded a cooperation agreement appropriate to the aims of the PathoGenoMics initiative and of the specific project has to be concluded between all project partners. Please regard the document “Information for applicants for project funding drawing up consortium agreements on collaborative projects”. More detailed information is given in the announcement.

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