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Here you will find information about Research groups in the PathoGenoMics fields from the ERA-NET partner countries (Austria, Finland, France, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain).
This information is supposed to support cooperation between researchers from different European countries
and thus enhance the development of a European Research Area for PathoGenoMics .


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Name: Dominguez Dominguez, Angel
Address: Departamento de Microbiologia y Genetica, Plaza de los Dres de la Reina s/n 37007 Salamanca Spain
Institution: Departamento de Microbiologia y Genetica
City: Salamanca Zip: 37007
Country: Spain Phone: 34923294677
    Fax: 34923224876


Research Topics:
Expertise. The research team that is under my supervision have developed for more than 20 years a research line focused on “Fungal dimorphism in fungi” using Candida albicans and Yarrowia lipolytica as models. Our final goal will be to understand how the yeast-hypha switch contributes to virulence and also how the human host respond to the pathogen. The relevance our researches have allowed to obtain many grants from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Research and from the European Union. That fact permits a strong interaction with other research groups either from Europe, USA and Latin America. Our research group have also experience in Genomic projects -participation in EUPON: European Schizosaccharomyces pombe genome sequencing project" (Nº BIOT-CT-0159) and belong to the Spanish platforms for Genomic and Proteomic supported by Genoma España. I have also being one of the founders of the Spanish National DNA Bank. Our department of the University of Salamanca, Microbiology and Genetics, share space, staff and equipment with the Institute of Microbial Biochemistry which belong to the Spanish Research Council, being myself an my work team members of both Institutions.


Organisms studied:
  • Candida albicans
  • Kluyveromyces lactis
  • Yarrowia lipolytica


Special methods / technologies:
Genomic (arrays), Proteomic, Confocal micorscopy, Quantitative PCR


Suggestions for potential research cooperations:
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