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Here you will find information about Research groups in the PathoGenoMics fields from the ERA-NET partner countries (Austria, Finland, France, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain).
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Name: Dr. Lecuit, Marc
Address: 28, rue du Dr Roux
Institution: Department of Cell Biology and Infection
City: Paris Zip: 75015
Country: FRance Phone: 33 1 40 61 30 29
    Fax: 33 1 45 68 87 06


Research Topics:
We are interested in the pathophysiology of human infectious diseases and the molecular basis of host, tissue and cell specificity of microbial pathogens. We are particularly interested in understanding how microbial pathogens target and cross host barriers such as mucosal barriers, the blood-brain barrier, and the placental barrier. We are combining in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo approaches by using cultured cell lines, primary cells, and tissue explants as well as small animal models. We are using molecular techniques in the fields of microbiology and cell biology, as well as "humanized" transgenic animals that take into account the species specificity of human pathogens. Another area of investigation is the putative infectious origin of emerging and orphan human diseases. We are using a range of molecular techniques to discover new microbial pathogens within human tissue samples of patients with such diseases.


Organisms studied:
  • Listeria spec.
  • Streptococci


Special methods / technologies:


Suggestions for potential research cooperations:
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