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Here you will find information about Research groups in the PathoGenoMics fields from the ERA-NET partner countries (Austria, Finland, France, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain).
This information is supposed to support cooperation between researchers from different European countries
and thus enhance the development of a European Research Area for PathoGenoMics .


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  • Special techniques applied by the researcher
  • Potential cooperation topics suggested by the researcher

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Name: Dr. MªTeresa, Gil Borja
Address: C/Benjamín Franklin 12
Institution: Sistemas Genómicos S.L.
City: Paterna (Valencia) Zip: ES-46980
Country: Spain Phone: 902364669
    Fax: 902364670


Research Topics:
Food safety, bio-defence, bioterrorism, microorganisms, molecular, PCR, sequencing, legionella, salmonella.


Organisms studied:
  • Bacillus anthracis
  • E. coli
  • Legionella pneumophila
  • Listeria spec.
  • Salmonellae
  • Yersinia pestis


Special methods / technologies:
Technical capabilities SAMPLE HANDLING We work with all kinds of samples in all formats and scales. We offer the possibility of working with minimal samples (even one only cell) through DNA amplification by MDA (multiple displacement amplification). GENOMIC SERVICES GENOME PROJECTS We are able to organise big genome and transcriptome sequencing projects, collababorating with other national and international groups: whole genome sequencing (whole genome shotgun or through BAC sequencing), EST sequencing, etc. Likewise we can carry out tailored sequencing projects of species of interest for industrial customers. SEQUENCING SERVICES We offer DNA sequencing services on all kind of samples: cloned DNA in plasmids, PCR products, cosmids, phagues, BAC ends, complete BAC clones, among others. REAL-TIME PCR BASED SERVICES - DNA fragment cloning and directed mutagenesis. FLUORESCENCE MICROSCOPY SERVICE NUCLEIC ACID MARKING SERVICE CYTOGENETIC SERVICES BIOINFORMATIC SERVICE RESEARCH SUPPORT SERVICES


Suggestions for potential research cooperations:
Use of candidate vaccines based in the LPS-core of different Gram-negative bacteria expressed in E. coli Our team is also open to new ideas that could consider our previous results obtained and published intersting for different projects and new in
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