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Here you will find information about Research groups in the PathoGenoMics fields from the ERA-NET partner countries (Austria, Finland, France, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain).
This information is supposed to support cooperation between researchers from different European countries
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Name: Dr. Locht, Camille
Address: 1, rue du Prof. Calmette
Institution: Institut Pasteur INSERM U629
City: LILLE Zip: 59019
Country: France Phone:


Research Topics:
Our laboratory is involved in the study of the pathogenesis of whooping cough and tuberculosis with the aim of developing new diagnostics, new drugs and new vaccines for these diseases. We tackle the problem both from the pathogen and the host points of view. We use molecular biology, biochemistry, proteomics, comparative genomics, transcriptomics, microbial physiology and immunology as tools to study host-pathogen interactions. We study the bacterial cell wall and important virulence factors, the genetic regulation of these factors at a whole genome-wide scale and, by way of comparative genomcis, the molecular epidemiology and phylogeny of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.


Organisms studied:
  • Bordetella pertussis
  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis


Special methods / technologies:
Protein purification, high-throughput targeted mutagenesis in B. pertussis, transcriptomics (DNA arrays) and proteomics (2D electrophoresis and mass spectrometry analysis) on Bordetella and Mycobacterium, NMR and X-ray crystallography on isolated proteins, animal models (nasal infection, aerosol and intravenous infection of mice)


Suggestions for potential research cooperations:
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