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Name: Prof. Dr. Pla Alonso, Jesus
Address: Avda. Ramon y Cajal S/N
Institution: Facultad de Farmacia, Universidad complutense de Madrid
City: Madrid Zip: 28040
Country: Spain Phone:


Research Topics:
Candida albicans virulence fungal infections MAP kinase signal transduction cell wall antifungal immune response We mainly use Candida albicans as model organism in fungal pathogenesis. This pathogenic yeast is a frequent commensal of the human intestinal and vaginal tract but under circumstances that result in an impaired host immunological response is able to colonize different target organs and generate disease. It is therefore, a paradigm of a oportunistic fungal pathogen. Our research has focused in the last years on different areas, such as the discovery of new antifungals or the study of the mechanisms of resistance to azoles. We have also developed some genetic tools. Our main line of research focuses on the role of role of signal transduction pathways mediated by MAP kinases in the virulence of this microorganism and in the biogenesis of the fungal cell wall. We have cloned some elements (HOG1, MKC1, SHO1, PBS2 etc.) in the past and we are trying to define the role of them in the pathogenesis of this fungus.


Organisms studied:
  • Candida albicans


Special methods / technologies:
Normal molecular biology techniques dealing with pathogenic fungi. Mammalian cultures and in vitro and ex vivo methods to analyse host interactions


Suggestions for potential research cooperations:
Any group interested in fungal host interaction and immune response. Immunology laboratories and clinical laboratories are rather useful as complementary to our approaches.

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