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Here you will find information about Research groups in the PathoGenoMics fields from the ERA-NET partner countries (Austria, Finland, France, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain).
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Name: Prof. Dr. Juarez Jimenez, Antonio
Address: Avd. Diagonal 645
Institution: Facultad de Biologia, Universidad de Barcelona
City: Barcelona Zip: 8028
Country: Spain Phone:


Research Topics:
Regulation of gene expresion in enteric bacteria. We are analyzing the role of proteins belonging to the H-NS and Hha/YmoA families in the modulation of gene expression in enteric bacteria. We focuse a significant part of our research efforts in the understanding of the role of these proteins in virulence gene expression. Protein-protein interaction. We are specifically interested in determining the structure of H-NS and Hha protein complexes. We use an NMR approach, as well as other biophysical and biochemical approaches. Global regulation in Escherichia coli pathotypes. We are analyzing the role of global regulators in the expression of virulence factors in E. coli clinical isolates belonging to different pathotypes


Organisms studied:
  • Escherichia coli
  • Salmonella enterica sv. Typhimurium
  • Yersinia enterocolitica


Special methods / technologies:
Those used by molecular biology researchers. In addition, atomic force microscopy, NMR analysis of proteins, gene arrays technology.


Suggestions for potential research cooperations:
Organize a short meeting to potentiate contacts among groups. We are specially interested in cooperating
with other european groups interested in the role of bacterial nucleoid-associated proteins modulating
virulence gene expression
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